Time seems to go faster than ever these days, which makes it more important to be on top of what is happening in your business and life before it's too late.  This year, we challenge you to make creativity and innovation a top priority.  Whether you come up with a new way to produce part of a product or developing a new system to make you more efficient, it's all relative to moving forward!  Get started by reading this month's article on Promoting Creativity & Innovation with Your Business.  Not sure how this could possibly work for you?  Contact us.  We're here to help you out.


Top Three Business Issues - February 2015


  • Promoting Creativity & Innovation within Your Business
  • What to Expect in 2015
  • Efficiency Gains

Promote Creativity & Innovation within Your Business

Whether you're planning a new product, a new business venture or simply brainstorming, here are some tips to help boost creativity and innovation within your business:

1. Don't assume the current way is the right way.  Challenge long standing processes that are currently used within your business and promote evolution of new systems and ideas for your business.  Chances are, almost every system you currently operate could be tweaked to increase efficiency.
2. Ask the questions - what are you doing and why?  Don't stray from your original mission unless ....  Read More

What to Expect in 2015

The economy

It's almost impossible to predict what the local and global economic environment has in store for us in 2015.  The 'who knows' factor is adding to uncertainty and in general, business is not ramping up for growth but maintaining a 'steady as she goes' approach – meaning low investment and jobs growth.


The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) meets again in early February with economists torn on whether interest rates will fall at that point.  Previously, the Reserve Bank Governor stated that inflation was an impediment to cutting interest rates.  But back when he said this, the RBA was looking at a crude oil price of USD $86 (Brent crude), compared to current levels of around $50.  For Australians, other than a general enthusiasm about filling up for around $1 a litre, oil prices have had a dramatic impact on inflation.  The latest figures released late January put inflation at 1.7% - well below the RBAs target of between 2% and 3%.  The markets have already factored in an 80% chance of an interest rate cut in 2015; it's just a question of when... Read More


Efficiency Gains

When it comes to working efficiently, everyone has some idea of what works for them and what could work better.  As a business owner, you can get stuck and find yourself working harder than anyone else, for longer hours, without seeing that next level of growth in your business.  Here are some simple reminders to help you stay on task and get more done:

Make a list - Seems like a cliche, right? But writing down your goals for the day actually does set you up to achieve them.  And there's that little reward at the end of the day – better than a sugar fix – when you tick off what you've completed.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Avoid Multi Tasking - May people think they can multi task.  They're wrong.  To achieve efficiency, it is always best to tackle one task at a time giving it your complete attention.  Trying to multi task only leads to distraction, rather than faster production times.   By spending time on one task alone, better quality is assured and fewer mistakes are made.

Interrupt the interruptions - OK, sometimes you do have to drop everything to attend to an emergency.  Mostly interruptions just cost you ... Read More  


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