In this months issue- June 2016

  • Tax Scam Warning
  • Bank Advice to business owners and understanding Division 7A
  • 2016-2017 Federal Budget and it's effects on Super Contributions
  • King Gibson Lewis team news
  • Are you SuperStream Compliant

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Tax Scam Warning

As the end of the financial year approaches it is important to be mindful of some of the tax scams currently being used throughout Australia. These scams can be very convincing as they create official looking email addresses, have websites that look official, or mimic the official ATO website and are well versed over the phone.  Read More

Bank Advice to business owners and understanding Division 7A

Some banks are advising customers with business accounts to transfer excess cash to pay down the business owner's home loan. While it might sound like common sense to use the excess cash in your business there are significant potential problems for business owners who do this. If you run a company, there are a set of tax rules called Division 7A that apply..... Read More


Is your business SuperStream compliant

From 1 July 2016 ALL employee superannuation contributions MUST be paid electronically. Please contact us if you need assistance. ... Read More  

King Gibson Lewis Team News

We are pleased to welcome back Dana Maher to the KGL office on a part time basis starting from the 26 May 2016. She will initially be working two days a week on Thursday and Friday's... Read More  


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