In this months issue- MAY 2015

  • Tax changes affecting business in 2015- Federal Budget   
  • Be tax time ready
  • Handy tips for good record keeping

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Tax changes affecting business in 2015- Federal Budget

Joe Hockey's second budget came with much anticipation after the derision with which last years was met. Fortunately, this budget shows a dramatic about-face from the previous, and in his headline speech to parliament, Joe Hockey promised that this budget will be redirecting savings to small business....  Read More

Be Tax time ready

The end of the financial year is almost upon us. So with just a handful of weeks to go before the next financial year begins, now is the perfect time to start getting everything in order so you can rest a little easier come the first of July... Read More


Handy tips for good record keeping

Keeping and maintaining good records of transactions and tax invoices is important for people in business. Making it easier to manage cash flow, make sound business decisions and meet Australian Taxation Office obligations  ... Read More  


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